Caroline Kjellberg is a Danish freelance 2D motion designer and illustrator with a passion for mixed media cel animation, rotoscoping and quirky character design. Being a globetrotter and having lived, studied and worked in 4 different corners of the world (this far), she has found a lot of inspiration for her storytelling and visual style through other cultures, but a lot of it also comes from her 500+ DVD collection, street art, 80’s music videos and colourful candy stores. 
She has worked as a freelancer since summer 2018 with brands such as Visit California, Beats by Dre, UNIQLO, Molo and Carlsberg and projects varies from company explainers, to music videos, gifs, teasers, family portraits and concert visuals. But if you should be in need of a digital postcard to your granny or 13 hand-carved pumpkins for your Halloween party, she is usually pretty excited and open to new challenges and formats as well. All ideas and projects are welcome here.
As a devotee and true fan of this fine Earth, she is always open to collaborate with people across borders and cultures, so...
Let's get social!
Public Displays
- July 2019   //   Caruma Exhibition - Museu da Vila Velha, Portugal    //   Risograph Illustration -
- April 2019   //   MOODY Live Performance - Danish Rainbow Awards    //   Concert Visuals -
- April 2019   //   UNIQLO Motion Projection - UNIQLO Copenhagen Store    //   Motion Graphics -
- July 2018   //   Design Matters - Student Presentations    //   Third Place -
- May 2017   //   Hack To The Future, Idea Competition - Nordic Film Cinemas    //   First Place -
- March 2017   //   VR Challenge - Nimbus Film   //   First Place -
- 2015 - 2018   //   The Danish School of Media and Journalism   //   Interactive Design -
- 2016   //   Queensland University of Technology   //   Webdesign & Motion Graphics -
- 2015   //   Copenhagen Art School   //   Drawing Course (2 months)
- 2013 - 2014   //   Santa Barbara City College  //   Film Production & Art -
- 2009 - 2012   //   Rungsted High School   //   Media & Social Sciences -
If interested in knowing a bit more..
...she's been so fortunate to have been featured by the amazing people at Girls Are Awesome. This is a small portrait of her work and background by the talented Nikolaj Rohde and Tine Ewe.

"As great as Danes can get. It was a blessing having Caroline on the team. If you're looking for someone incredibly pro-active, sharp and efficient, she's the one.  If that's not enough for you, well, you'll be pleased to know she's also truly talented, and possessed an enchanting creative universe.  And if you really, really picky, then you certainly won't mind hearing that she's also remarkably friendly, generous and funny.  Hire Caroline immediately, thank me later". 
- François Claverie, Creative Director,  Ultra Super New

"I was very impressed with Caroline from the moment I first contacted her. Even though all communication was through the phone, her energy, enthusiasm, and capability to put people at ease were noticeable from the start. 
She immediately understood what I wanted, and was able to create something special – with nearly no further direction needed. It wasn’t hard to tell from our interactions that she is a dedicated, detail-oriented, sociable and reliable person, consistently ensuring high quality in whatever she does – and always willing to go the extra mile. 
She is very open to feedback and is able to combine her own creative vision with whatever the customer has in mind. I believe this balance is the result of an unwavering commitment to exceed expectations and having a strong skillset to support this. In essence, she is hard working, and very skilled, which is why I believe she will be an invaluable asset to any project.
She has my highest recommendation, and I will be happy to provide you any additional information if needed".
- Laurence Mets, Consultant,  Implement Consulting Group​​​​​​​
Clients include..