beats by dre - undefeated


STAY UNDEFEATED. This is the third collaboration between Beats by Dre and UNDEFEATED  where the client wanted to reflect a user experience in the center of Tokyo for their Instagram and Twitter account. The collection is "designed for the ones dedicated to staying ahead of the game, this latest collaboration is inspired by UNDEFEATED’s unmistakable tiger camouflage and fearless attitude". 
To reflect this the best way possible, we shot the footage in the raw and edgy corners of Tokyo with mostly close-ups to show the sharp details of the product and to tell a story of a person camouflaged by the big city. To enhance this even more we created glitches and animation inspired by the design of the collection on top of the footage.

producer: chris rudz 
cinematographer: andrzej rudz
sound: chris rudz and andrzej rudz
animation: caroline kjellberg

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