MADSON - "U Keep Turnin' The Beat Around"
Official Music Video 

In close collaboration with Frederik, he and I decided to go with a style inspired by the warm, dreamy and summery tunes of the song. This is seen in the dusty and warm color palette (though with the crisp lime green color from the singles cover as a contrast), in the imperfect and hand-drawn lines that symbolises the rhythm in all of us - fiery and unpredictable like mother nature - and in the frame by frame animated silhouettes and body parts, which emphasises the meaning behind the text. As there are many ways to interpret the lyrics, we've also played with layers, duplications, reverse effects, glitches and mirroring in the animation's retro and grainy universe. It is a collaboration between two young upcoming artists, in which much time and love has been put in place, so we hope we can reach out and touch a lot of beautiful people in the summer heat with this collaboration.

Music and Vocal: MADSON
Art Direction and Animation: Caroline Kjellberg
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