Molo GOTS Explainer

Together with the talented people at the clothing brand Molo, I worked on this explainer about their Global Organic Textile Standard certificate (GOTS), which concerns the respective expertise regarding organic farming and environmentally and socially responsible textile processing. This is an important message to both consumers and textile companies around the globe, and hopefully this certificate will spread and cause changes for the better in the textile industry globally. 
The client wished for a clean visual style consisting of their own color palette, a bright background from start to finish, a colorless beginning and animated elements inspired by the simplicity from pictograms, but with a touch of humor and playfulness.  
I might not have a brain, that can cure cancer, but we all gotta use the skills we have to try and heal this world, and wow how I love being able to tell stories with an important statement, which hopefully can cause some changes for the better on this fine planet. So a round of applause for Molo for doing better and greener and thanks for having me onboard.

Concept: Molo
Manuscript: Molo
Art direction: Caroline Kjellberg
Storyboard: Caroline Kjellberg
Animation: Caroline Kjellberg
Music: IKSON - Spring
Sound design: Caroline Kjellberg
Style frames
Storyboard (changes were made in the process)
Color palette 
Thank you.
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