UNIQLO In Store Motion Projection
Video montage created by Fcreative

In April 2019 the first UNIQLO store opened in Copenhagen, and for the opening they invited different Danish artists to collaborate with them in store. Lasse Lund-Andersen, Mikkel Friis and I were chosen to create an animation meant to be projected on a big wall in one of their show rooms to decorate the room and give the customers a more colourful and expressive experience while shopping. The theme was focused on Nintendo and UNIQLO and their collaboration and a celebration of this, so to salute the grand history of Nintendo from 150 years ago until today, we created a storyline following a red travelling pixel inspired by the pixelated universe of Nintendo, which also happened to have the same shape as the UNIQLO logo. The storyline was divided into three chapters; Pixels, Isometry and 3D - all using the color palette chosen by UNIQLO.
The projection was on for a little more than two weeks. It was the first time ever, UNIQLO had projected visuals in store, and it was a great success and something, they will experiment with again in the future.
Concept: UNIQLO
Art direction: Lasse Lund-Andersen, Mikkel Friis and Caroline Kjellberg
Animation and Illustration: Lasse Lund-Andersen, Mikkel Friis and Caroline Kjellberg
Projection and Technical direction: Mikkel Friis and Mathias Jørgensen
Highlighted parts from the projected animation
The full projected animation
Thank you.
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