your worst desires - elleh

I had the privilege to do the animations for the music video of Elleh's single "Your Worst Desires" released in December 2018 via Rare Cut Records. The client created the storyline, choreography and footage together with other creatives, and then I received the raw green screen footage to design and animate the rest of the universe. The client did not have many inquiries except from wishing to have many frame by frame animations surrounding them in a dark universe matching the vibe and words of the song. Some elements are also inspired by the great Ruff Mercy as a wish from the client, which my inner fan girl had absolutely nothing against.
All animations are created in Adobe Photoshop and added onto the footage in Adobe After Effects.

Director: Kris Cerneka
DP: Ryan Gilchrist 
Art Direction & Animation: Caroline Kjellberg
Choreography: Marika
Concept: Satoru Teshima
Hair & Makeup: Asami Horie

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